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Musician and Composer


"Nick's fluency is outstanding...I consider Nick Fletcher to be an absolute star"

Steve Hackett

“Nick shows off his own formidable talents here too with some truly remarkable guitar work”....

“This suite should definitely come with a parental guidance warning - budding guitarists do not try to emulate this at home! It really is difficult to do justice to the level of performance on display here”....

“Derived from music cast in the sharpest of moulds, it really is an album which will make you sit up and think and admire the sheer level of musicianship on display from Nick and the rest of the musicians who have shared the task of putting this project together - I love it!

Alan Hewitt - Genesis Fanzine (TWRONLINE)


“Fletcher has a masterful touch....for fans of guitar-centric concept albums this is a voyage well worth considering.”

Grant Moon – (Prog Magazine - August 2022)

"The Cloud of Unknowing is in my opinion a master-work and is by a long way my album of the year so far!"

Stevie Iona-Vaughan (Progzilla Radio)

'An intense and intriguing album of progressive rock...exemplary performances from all members of the band!'

David Randall (Get Ready to Rock)

Download the Album and Artwork BELOW

A new composition for the classical guitar available NOW! from Productions d’Oz 

The Turn of the Tide'

Nick has an excellent new composition

'The Princesses Pavane and Galliard' available NOW! via Productions d'Oz!


New review from


“An astonishing album, highly,highly recommended” -John Wenlock Smith (ProgRadar)

“Every sound brilliantly and beautifully’s a magnificent opus, don’t miss this one” - Mark Preising 

(Progressive Rock Central)


"An extraordinarily accomplished and amazing guitar player, the best Jazz rock guitarist in Britain today!" (Steve Hackett 2022)


“A musically stunning album” - David Edwards

(The Progressive Aspect)


“My album of the year, simply astonishing”

- Graham Harfleet (Progzilla Radio)


“An exquisite enigma of compelling music”  

- Paul Davies (Progrockfiles)


“Exemplary performances” - David Randall

(Get Ready to Rock)


“An exceptional piece of music” - John Simms

(Progzilla Radio)”


"It’s a major opus which is bound to take this artist much higher and make his interest in people motives even more arresting and filled with alluring motifs."

Dmitry Epstein (


"Prog rock mixes seamlessly with jazz fusion and subtle classical touches to create a refreshing listening experience that is somehow fully cohesive around its central theme, despite its multi-faceted character. Nick has raised the bar further on this impressive release, so it is definitely time to check out 'The best kept secret in British Prog'"...

"...some glorious, soaring guitar soloing. Nick shows he can ‘shred’ it with the likes of John Petrucci, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, if the mood takes him."

David Edwards (The Progressive Aspect)

"A super-heated intensely played combination of notes on Out Of The Maelstrom cracks open this demanding yet rewarding album of nine movements of music. This titanic concoction of searing note play is as astonishing an opening to an album as one could wish for."

Paul Davies (Rock Scribe Files)


leicester nick 1.jpg

Released March 26th 2021

"It’s not often an album stops you dead in your tracks and not once but eight times at that. Hats off to Nick Fletcher who has taken his musical explorations to an entirely new level as his plentiful silky tics of guitar licks exposes an artist of serious magnitude on the cusp of a wider discovery on this magnificently constructed set of excellent songs."

Paul Davies (Decibel Report)

‘A fantastic album!..Nick Fletcher is probably the best jazz rock guitarist in the country. His fluency is astounding, plus he possesses a first rate classical guitar technique to boot!…I consider Nick Fletcher to be an absolute star’ …

Steve Hackett 2020

The album has contributions from luminaries from the world of prog including Dave Bainbridge (Lifesigns, Celestial Fire, Iona, Strawbs) Tim Harries (ex Bill Bruford’s Earthworks) Russ Wilson from the Book of Genesis and Caroline Bonnett. Plus flute and vocal contributions from the wonderful John Hackett.


Download the Album and Artwork BELOW


Download the Album and Artwork BELOW

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