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‘...Nick Fletcher is probably the best jazz rock guitarist in the country. His fluency is astounding, plus he possesses a first rate classical guitar technique to boot! I consider Nick Fletcher to be an absolute star’…

Steve Hackett 2020

Nick’s album ‘Cycles of Behaviour’ released March 26th 2021

Nick’s music incorporates many diverse influences all of which can be heard on his latest solo prog recording ‘Cycles of Behaviour’. His music has a unique take on the genre which incorporates such diverse influences that range from Pink Floyd, Genesis, Camel, Jazz fusion, Bruford, Holdsworth, Ravel, Stravinsky and the English choral composer Herbert Howells! It’s often powerful with wild virtuosic guitar playing and compositions which are full of emotional moments which pull the listener into an evocative sound world. The assembled band of John Hackett/Dave Bainbridge/Tim Harries/Russ Wilson and Caroline Bonnet, who also co produced, mixed and mastered the album; make this an incredible listen and something unique in the world of Progressive rock.

 The album came about as there had been great press reaction to his previous recording with John Hackett ‘Beyond the Stars’ which was released on Esoteric records in 2018. Nick had been writing similar material and some new musical ideas that expanded on the ‘Beyond the Stars’ project, which posed a new direction and musical development. This can be heard on ‘Cycles of Behaviour’ with a broader sound palette and more instrumental tracks in the mix.


The album has contributions from luminaries from the world of prog including Dave Bainbridge (Lifesigns, Celestial Fire, Iona ,Strawbs) Tim Harries (ex Bill Bruford’s earthworks)  Russ Wilson from the Book of Genesis and Caroline Bonnett. Plus flute and vocal contributions from the wonderful John Hackett.

This is what Steve Hackett had to say about the new recording:

‘A fantastic album!..Nick Fletcher is probably the best jazz rock guitarist in the country. His fluency is astounding, plus he possesses a first rate classical guitar technique to boot!…I consider Nick Fletcher to be an absolute star’ …

Steve Hackett 2020

'...the latest album by John Hackett Band guitarist, Nick Fletcher whose name I am sure will be familiar to many of you.


Prepare yourselves for a shock...this album is not another of the serene almost austere collections of classical guitar work which we have come to expect from young Mr Fletcher! Oh no. It is as if Nick has finally exhaled a deep sense of longing to let his hair down and get his Jazz Fusion roots out of his system. As such, this album is a breath of fresh air!


The album is a gem, jam packed with some of the most vigorous and invigorating music I have heard in ages, showcasing Nick's formidable abilities as a rock player of incredible talent and dexterity. He unleashes a barrage of fearsome licks which should come with a "Don't try this at home" warning on this one and he is ably assisted in the process by some equally talented musicians including young Mr John Hackett on flute and vocals. Keyboard duties are shared between Caroline Bonnett who also puts in some excellent backing vocals and Dave Bainbridge whose exquisite Hammond organ and Mellotron playing will bring paroxysms of delight to the aficionados of those fearsome beasts, whilst Tim Harries and Russ Wilson form a marvellous rhythm section that drives the whole thing along.


There isn't a duff track on this one. Each and every one of the eight tracks on display here is worthy of its place and the results are, quite simply, breathtaking. It isn't rock and roll...but I definitely like it!'

Alan Hewitt


In 2015 Nick once again took up performing and recording with the electric guitar after being invited to join the John Hackett Band. Since that time Nick has received numerous great reviews of his writing and playing in the Prog Rock genre, as well as his continuing career as classical musician. Nick has also performed and recorded with Steve Hackett who said this about the recording of ‘Overnight snow’ by Nick & John Hackett‘;

‘I was blown away by the material John and Nick had recorded and it was a pleasure to add a second guitar to the recording.’

This musical background makes Nick a very different guitar player who writes and plays in a unique way, particularly when playing the electric guitar.

In 2018 Nick released the album ‘Beyond the Stars’ on the Esoteric Antenna label along with co writer John Hackett. 

This too collected many excellent plaudits in the prog media and had a rave review of his performance with the John Hackett Band at Progdreams Festival Holland in 2019.

'Stellar soloing and strong songs' - Sid Smith (Prog Magazine)

Beyond the Stars - Spotify>  Beyond the Stars - Amazon Music> 

Reviews & Press

'’s the lead guitar playing of Nick Fletcher that makes the listener sit up!' (Progressive aspect)

' instrumental movement with some killer guitar work' (Gary Hill music Street Journal)

'Outstanding guitar in the form of Nick Fletcher (often compared to the late Allan Holdsworth)' (Fatea online music journal)

'When I saw the John Hackett band I was impressed with the sheer virtuosity. In Nick Fletcher they have an amazing guitarist who is up there with the best!' (Progressive aspect)


'Nick Fletcher provides fantastic guitar.' (prog

'Stella soloing and strong songs!)' ‘Beyond the Stars’ (Sid Smith- prog magazine)

'truly glorious guitar playing from Nick Fletcher. Nick Fletcher is the John Hackett bands secret weapon...' Helen Robinson (sounds)

'... there’s the performance of an absolute top guitarist named Nick Fletcher. Certainly not a youngster, on the contrary, but a relative ‘rookie’ when it comes to rock music. In recent decades Fletcher has mainly focused on the classical guitar, nevertheless, he was the star of the show with his play on the electric guitar, which is a cross between the late Allan Holdsworth, Dave Gilmour and Steve Hackett himself' (the progressive aspect review of the progdreams 2019 performance)

'Nick Fletcher is the best kept secret in British prog...' (Tenacity PR)

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