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‘The Journey Continues’... Nick’s latest recording of classical guitar music.

All original compositions and one duet with John Hackett on Flute. ‘The Moon Circle’, which features John, is a mysterious piece which reflects an ancient ritual.

The other solo compositions reflects Nick’s ability to compose in many different genres including South American and Baroque idioms as well as contemporary and Eastern music, as heard in the composition ‘Lake Kawaguchi’. A piece of music which draws on inspiration from traditional sounding Japanese Koto music.


Track List:

1. Ballerina

2. Village Dance Number 2

3. Silent Stream

4. Crossing the Rubicon

5. Laelia

6. The Mesmerist Etude

7. The Moon Circle

8. Dance of the Eagle and the Elk

9. Lake Kawaguchi

10. Prelude in E minor – Fantasia Number 7

11. The Labyrinth – Fantasia Number 14

12. Spheres of Celestial Peace

13. Undercurrent

14. Epitaph for a Dreamer – Improvisation (in Memory of John Taylor)


Nick Fletcher - The Journey Continues CD

  • The Journey Continues‘ has a wide variety of moods and musical flavours from around the world. Nick’s music is an eclectic mix of music from various musical eras, such as the Baroque and Romantic traditions. His music is also influenced by the sights and sounds of South America and Eastern European traditions. This includes asymetrical time signatures and modal flavours not uncommon in the world of progressive music. Anyone who likes the sound of the guitar will find this recording a treasure of diverse musical cultures.

    One of the 14 tracks was improvised during the recording sessions. This is the final track ‘Epitaph for a Dreamer’ and dedicated to the memory of England’s finest Jazz Pianist John Taylor who sadly passed away too soon. Nick says that John Taylor was one of his greatest musical influences. John Taylor’s harmonic and rhythmic inventions had him hooked from the first time he encountered his music. All the parts for ‘Epitaph’ were recorded without thought or preparation and Nick feels captures the sad loss of such an incredible improvising musical genius.

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